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GIFT University

GIFT University has emerged as a reputable institution among the front line universities of the country.

Established in July 2002, it aims to help students realize their career dreams. With its qualified academic staff, competent graduates, a wide range of study choices, well-established teaching, learning and research facilities, GIFT University has established a reputable image within the region as well as across the country.

It is the first Chartered University between Lahore and Islamabad and the only one in the region, with all its degrees recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). It currently offers 4 Associate Degree programs, 6 Undergraduate programs, and 11 Graduate & Post Graduate programs in various fields like Business Administration, Accounting & Finance, Management Sciences, Economics, Mass Communication & Media Studies, Textile & Fashion Design, Electrical & Software Engineering, Computer Science, Home Economics, English Language & Literature, and Islamic Studies.These programs are designed to give students the qualifications, skills and personal attributes which are required to help them compete in the employment market.

GIFT University endeavors to be one of the best institutions in the country. It is journeying strong through an ambitious phase of development, with a number of very significant and exciting plans to strengthen its position as a leading university in Pakistan.

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